Daily chapel—your daily dose of truth and encouragement

Daily chapel is a Northwestern distinctive. The 40-minute services held in Maranatha Hall Monday through Friday give the Northwestern community the opportunity for praise and worship together. Students are encouraged and challenged by distinguished speakers, scholars, missionaries, professors, campus staff and more.

Regular attendance is required of all traditional undergraduate students. Chapel offers biblically-based teaching and opportunity for worship of God through fellowship, praise and the proclamation of His word.


Chapel snapshots

Get a glimpse of what some of students' favorite speakers have shared:

Ravi Zacharias, Christian Apologist and Host of Let My People Think Radio: Zacharias is a world-renowned apologist and author of several books including Can Man Live Without God?, which received the Gold Medalion Book Award. Listen to his interview.

Eugene Cho, Founder of One Day's Wages: Eugene is the founding and lead pastor of Quest Church and the executive director of Q Cafe. He's also the founder of One Day's Wages, a non-profit organization focused on global poverty.

Jefferson Bethke, author of the New York Times best seller Jesus > Religion, spoke at UNW chapel. Then he sat down with us for an exclusive interview.

Listen to past chapels.

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