Join a club at Northwestern

Clubs at Northwestern are "by students, for students." If you have an interest in, let's say... obscure French poetry, and a club doesn't yet exist, it's up to you to initiate it!

Student clubs consistently meet six areas of activity-focus at Northwestern: recreational, relational, educational, spiritual, vocational, and opportunities for witness/service.

Students are encouraged to get involved with, help organize, and take part in the many clubs that Northwestern offers. Club Day is held early in the fall and spring semesters so that the student body may learn of the available opportunities.

Clubs are chartered annually. Any student or group of students seeking an official status of student club must complete the process of being chartered annually through the Student Development Office. The application and chartering process opens up at the beginning of each semester.

UNW clubs

Here are some of Northwestern's popular student clubs:

  • College Republicans
  • Chinese Club
  • Engineering Club
  • Philosophy Club
  • DDR Club
  • Military Club
  • Pre-Vet Club
  • Spikeball Club
  • UNW Club Hockey
  • UNW Swing Dance Club