Earn your degree in just three years!

Want to save on tuition and get your degree faster?

How much will I save?

Here are some three or three-and-a-half year degree scenarios. Remember that every student's situation is unique. Contact our admissions office to see how Degree in Three can help you graduate in less than four years!

Table of estimated total savings of three examples of the degree in three years accelerated degree plan.

How does Degree in Three work?

The Degree in Three option is an accelerated course of study for highly motivated students in select majors. Each degree includes the same rigorous academic requirements, but can be completed in three years instead of four with these unique plans.

Talk to your admission counselor (before you enroll) and/or meet with an academic advisor (after you enroll) to decide if the Degree in Three option is a good match for you.

We also encourage any students pursuing the Degree in Three option for a bachelor's degree in three years to be early birds for Summer Preparation Days registration and all subsequent registration opportunities.

Other ways to earn your degree faster

With careful planning before college and the help of your advisor once you're here, you can speed up your education with the help of these programs:

PSEO and Early College students who are interested in the Degree in Three option should tell your advisor right away so the advisor can help you make the best plan for your pre-college courses.