Advance with the honors program

Do you have what it takes to be an Eagle Scholar?

  • Did you gravitate toward the AP and honors courses in high school?
  • Is your composite ACT score 30 or higher?
  • Is your SAT combined math and reading score 1400 or higher?

Apply to the University of Northwestern Eagle Scholars Honors Program. The Honors Program is both an academically challenging experience AND a significant scholarship!

Eagle Scholars Honors Scholarship

Students accepted to the Honors Program receive our most prestigious academic scholarship—up to $19,500 each year! See Financial Aid for details.

Learn more about the Honors program and application process.

Benefits and opportunities

There's more to the Honors program than just the scholarship! Eagle Scholars enjoy these opportunities too:

  • Work one-on-one with a professor/mentor
  • Enjoy friendships with like-minded students.
  • Conduct individual research in advanced topics.
  • Fuel your love for learning about many areas of study.
  • Present at the Minnesota Collegiate Honors Symposium
  • Receive special recognition at graduation.
  • Gain exceptional preparation for graduate school, internships and jobs.
  • Take the next step and apply to the Honors Program today!

  • Build your resume

  • "The chance to present my research in cell biology at the Honors Symposium has proven to be a great resume-builder. This will add to my chances of getting into a more prestigious summer research program."
  • – Matt ’12, Biology major
  • Challenging courses

  • Honors Topics in Art Appreciation
  • Honors Spiritual Formation
  • Honors New Testament History and Literature
  • Honors Old Testament History and Literature I: Law & History
  • Honors Old Testament History and Literature II: Poetry & Prophesy
  • Honors Progress of Redemption
  • Honors Topics in Old/New Testament
  • Honors Systematic Theology
  • Honors Topics in Biology
  • Honors Public Speaking
  • Honors Composition
  • Honors Critical Thinking and Writing
  • Honors History of Western Civilization
  • Honors Colloquium
  • Honors Topics in Literature
  • Honors Topics in Philosophy