Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science 

The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Studies Major is to provide a quality, comprehensive academic experience for students with academic aspirations not served by any academic department major at University of Northwestern. The Interdisciplinary Studies student, in consulation with an advisor, designs a coherent program of study that meets specific academic goals. This program is approved by an advisory committee.

Students must complete an application process during their sophomore year and no later than two years prior to their expected graduation date. The program is open to self-motivated students who have demonstrated the ability to do academic work successfully by achieving a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or by providing other compelling documentation. See the Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies Department for further information.


Feature student: Hannah Rivard

Born with a love of horses, Hannah has hopes of one day starting her own horse business combining horses and riders with artistic media, much like Cavalia. Through the Interdisciplinary Studies Major, Hannah has been able to put together a major, Entrepreneurial Business, that will allow her to one day realize her dream.

To learn more about Hannah, visit her bio here!


Examples of Interdisciplinary majors developed by UNW students:

  • Ancient & Classical Languages
  • Ancient History & Languages
  • Biblical Languages & Historical Interpretation
  • Broadcast Computing/New Media
  • Communication, Psychology & Ministry
  • Entrepreneurial Business
  • Gallery Studies
  • International Leadership & Criminal Justice
  • Life Sciences & Spanish
  • Linguistics & Ancient Languages
  • Performing Arts Ministry
  • Philosophical/Literary Studies
  • Philosophy & Islam Studies
  • Political Science and American History
  • Social Work
  • Writing & Directing Theatre/Film