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What is an Eagle Advising Day?

If you are attending UNW in Fall 2017, you'll need to sign up to attend an Eagle Advising Day. If you haven't, please login to theROCK and complete step 5 on the New Students tab.

On your Eagle Advising Day you and your parents will come to campus to register for classes and get more comfortable with Northwestern and the final steps of the enrollment process.

A typical Eagle Advising Day includes registration for classes with a faculty adviser and a time to meet with a personal "Depot Assistant" to walk you through the final pieces of information you may need prior to Orientation.

If you're not sure what classes to register for, don't worry! Your faculty adviser will work with you to make sure you get into the exact classes you need. Just make sure we've received any PSEO or college transcripts before you arrive so we can complete a credit transfer evaluation for you.

All offices on campus are open on Eagle Advising Days to accommodate any specific issues or needs that may affect your university experience.

Phone appointments are available, but if you're able, we highly recommend that you come to campus for your Eagle Advising Day!

Eagle Advising Days are April 29th, May 23rd, June 8th, June 27th, July 19th, August 15th.

If you have any questions regarding your registration appointment, please call the Registrar's Office at 651-631-5122 or 1-800-692-4020, ext. 5122.